Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Algolympics?

Algolympics is an annual intercollegiate programming competition open to all interested schools, colleges and universities in the Philippines. With the theme “Algolympics 2022: Worlds Unknown” in its ninth year, the event is co-presented by and is in cooperation with Expedock Software, Inc. and White Widget. It is also brought to you by Navitaire Philippines Inc. and Course Hero, and sponsored by Orange and Bronze Software Labs, Inc. and Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation. Media partners for the event are and Inquirer POP!.

For this year, the contest will be split into two: an online elimination round and an online final round. The elimination round is a free-to-enter round of Algolympics held on Codeforces while the final round is the event where teams that fit the criteria laid out in the rules and mechanics compete for the prize, in exchange for a minimal registration fee.

When will the contest be held?

The online elimination round will run from February 18, 8:00 PM to February 28, 8:00 PM. Those who passed will be invited to the final round, which will then be held on March 26, 2022, 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Who can join?

A single proper team consists of one (1) to three (3) team members, each of which is:

  • an undergraduate student from a degree program at the sponsoring institution,
  • has not graduated, and
  • is currently officially enrolled at the time of the contest.

For institutions who have not started the semester, participants must be enrolled during the last academic grading period. Note that all team members must be from the SAME INSTITUTION and they may be from different degree programs. Alternates WILL NOT be allowed.

The contestants must be Filipino citizens, or officially enrolled at a sponsoring institution in the Philippines at the time of the contest. Contestants will be required to submit a valid school ID or proof of school registration in order to be eligible for the Online Final Round.

Are there any restrictions on the team name?

Avoid using special characters or any hard-to-read names. Also, it is strictly prohibited to have names that will have negative connotations or names that are rude, indecent or disrespectful to the competition.

What are the rules and mechanics?

You may view the rules and mechanics of the contest at

Which programming languages are allowed?

Any language supported by Codeforces will be allowed during the elimination period. However, only Python, C++, and Java will be allowed during the final round. For more information about the Contest Environment, kindly view the rules and mechanics at

How do I join Codeforces?

The team/individual must have a valid Codeforces account and a Codeforces team (if playing with a team) to register.

Instructions for submitting these details will be communicated through the email you have provided in the registration form.

Note that:

  • You may register for an account at
  • You must set your first name and last name in to your real name before submitting or updating your registration.
  • You may create a team at and invite your team members.
  • You must join as a Codeforces team that only consists of your teammates (if playing with a team).
  • You must not change your username or team name for the duration of the competition.

Should each member of the team create an account in Codeforces or would a single account for the whole team suffice?

Each individual member must have an account. You may then collaborate together as a team.

What happens if our team registered twice (or more) in Codeforces?

Only your last and most recent entry will be considered. Take note that your team name in Codeforces must be the same as the team name you have entered in the registration form.

How can I see my team standings?

Codeforces has its own scoreboard system that will be used for the elimination round.

During the finals, a link will be provided to participants showing the scoreboard. It will also be made public, allowing contestants and onlookers to view the standings.

Will there be penalties for every wrong submission in the elimination round?

There are no penalties for wrong submissions. Scores will be based on how you create your solutions. You can submit a solution on an item multiple times (unlimited submission within the online competition) and we will get the solution with the highest score.

Will solutions to the elimination round problems be released?

Yes, editorials for the problems will be published after the elimination round ends.

How will the final round be structured?

The program flow for the final round will be provided to all participants who qualify to compete in the final round.

  • The final round will be held from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM.
  • Participants will be allowed to take breaks and eat during the competition.
  • They are also allowed restroom breaks, provided that they get the permission of their proctor.

For more information about proctoring and time limits, kindly read through the rules and mechanics at

What are the prizes?

Monetary prizes will be given to the top three (3) teams of the final round. Claiming will be arranged by our finance committee with the winners directly.


  • Champion: Php 12,000.00
  • 1st Runner Up: Php 9,000.00
  • 2nd Runner Up: Php 6,000.00

Who will qualify for the final round?

As discussed in the invitation to the online final round section of the rules and mechanics, the teams that:

  • satisfy all eligibility criteria,
  • have not been disqualified,
  • have confirmed willingness and ability to attend the online final round,
  • are among the top three (3) from their school, and
  • are among the top twenty (20) teams satisfying all criteria above

will be given invitations to the online final round.

If an original team member cannot join the final round, is it possible to replace them with another person from the same institution?

No, alternates will not be allowed even if they are from the same institution as mentioned in the eligibility of participants section in the rules and mechanics. A team may still participate in the final round as long as at least one member can join.

Do team members who cannot join the final round still have to pay the registration fee?

No, only members who will participate have to pay.

Is there a minimum font size allowed and other formatting restrictions for the reference material in the final round?

No, there is no minimum font size, required margins, line spacing, font or otherwise. Any formatting is allowed as long as the text is readable and understandable on the part of the checking team and the team using the reference. This means that references may be rejected if they are unable to be checked by our team.

Will revised reference materials submitted beyond the deadline still be accepted?


Are we required to attend the opening program of the final round?

Yes, attending the whole program is required.

Can I use a mobile phone as a 2nd camera for the final round proctoring?

Yes, mobile phones are permitted as a 2nd camera, provided that the video is clear, well-lit and angled properly.

Are the contestants allowed to install plugins for the editors such as vim plugins?

All the tools, IDEs and plugins should be consulted to us via email before using. Send us an email at

In the final round, are we required to spend the whole five (5) hours allotted for the contest proper in solving problems?

No, but it is in your best interest to answer as many problems as you can. You just need to stay on camera as much as possible during that 5 hours, regardless if you are coding or not. You are also not allowed to access other websites except those approved by the planning committee and/or proctors while the contest is still ongoing. You are only allowed to leave your camera during a bathroom break. Details about breaks are found in the rules and mechanics.

In the final round, are the constraints in the problems given or not?

Yes, please see the full mechanics here at the Mechanics page.

To whom and when will certificates be sent?

Certificates will be given to all participants of the Elimination Round and Final Round and will be given at most a week after the competition.

How can I contact the organizers?

You may contact UP ACM through Facebook, Twitter, and email: